Nate Lambros - Guitar

Influences: Eric Clapton, Albert Collins, SRV, Robin Trower, Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes

Musical Tastes: Blues, Blues Rock, Jazz, Funk, and Everything from the 70's

Favorite Hobbies: Firearms, Fishing, Camping, and Live Music of all kinds.

Gear: Fender & Gibson Guitars, Marshall and Peavey Amps, TC Electronic, Fulltone, and Boss effects, GHS Strings. Dunlop Wah pedals.

"I tend to be more on the serious side when it comes to music, always have been. I enjoy working with serious and committed people and wouldn’t have it any other way.  This band is a perfect example of that and I couldn't be happier.   We are not only a band but a family and we really watch out for each other and everybody works really hard to keep the band moving forward. I am really looking forward to our entire journey together as we are always learning and improving, and having a damn fine time doing it!

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